Yash Industries

Tape Manufacturer and Wholesaler in India

Tape Manufacturer and Wholesaler in India

Yash Industries bopp tape manufacturer in pune is one of leading manufacturer and supplier of BOPP tape in India

Yash Industries bopp tape manufacturer in pune manufacturer of BOPP tapes, we can provide any meter and any micron as per our customers’ requirements. We can also offer to print the name and logo in any color you choose. We export to all states in india and we can offer the best prices. Our tapes are known to have high quality adhesives and can stick to paper, cardboard, chipboard, plastic, walls, linen and other materials.

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Backed by a decade and a half of extensive industry experience, Yash Industries bopp tape manufacturer in pune have immense experience in offering BOPP self adhesive tapes, BOPP tapes, BOPP self adhesive tapes, BOPP tapes, adhesive tapes, clear self adhesive tapes and brown color self adhesive tapes. Adhesive Tape, Printed & Plain Tape, Color Tape, Standard Printed Tape,

Label Tape, Electrical Plastic Tape, Adhesive Tape, Self Adhesive Tape, Self Printing Tape, Self Adhesive Printing Tape, Printed BOPP Tape, Printed Adhesive Tape, Synthetic Tape, Self Adhesive Fiberglass Tape, Self Adhesive Glass Tape, Glass Tape, Color Tape, Jumbo Roll BOPP Tape, Clear BOPP Tape, these products are offered to customers in various designs, colors and widths.

We provide BOPP tapes which based on BOPP film coated with high quality water based acrylic adhesive. These tapes have the characteristics of high adhesion, non-aging and moisture resistance. Hence, it is suitable for all kinds of packaging needs.

We have earned a good reputation by providing high range BOPP tape machine. We provide a very versatile log roll cutting machine which is ideal for LD, PET, BOPP tape, masking tape, double-sided tape and release paper. Featuring highly advanced controls and an innovative structure design, the offered machine suits the diverse needs of customers from different industries. Moreover, we have a large stock of coil cutting machines with various production line speeds and technical specifications which can be availed of at the best prices.

We are engaged in introducing Self Adhesive BOPP Tapes, which is highly acclaimed due to its many features. All these tapes are widely known for various production, packing and deflection procedures for carton packing. We offer these tapes in widths of 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 60mm and 72mm in lengths of 65m and 650m. Customers can benefit from these tapes in thicknesses ranging from 40 microns to 55 microns.

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Our Products

BOPP Self Adhesive Tapes

BOPP Brown Tapes

yash industries bopp tape anufacturer in pune

BOPP Printed Tapes

Stationary Tapes

Masking Tape

Stretch Film Tape

Quality Parameters

The quality of our products and its application across industries are determined by the following factors. Yash Industries bopp tape manufacturer in pune pride ourselves in adhering to the standards laid down by the industry by maintaining consistency across all the important factors.


Property that signifies how fast the tape will start making bonds with the substrate. Often measured by a ball test.


Property that denotes the strength of the bond formed between the tape and the substrate. It denotes how strong the tape will stick to its substrate. Often measured as adhesion to steel.

Tensile Strength

Measures the strength of the tape required to break it. It denotes the maximum weight a tape can survive.

Holding Power

By far the most important property of a tape. It signifies the probability of bond formation between the tape and its substrate. It denotes for how long the tape will stick to its substrate. Often measured in minutes.

Why Us

Self-adhesive tapes for product packaging and shipping cases

Our special packaging tapes add ease of use to your product packaging and ensure packaging is attractive and distinguishable. With our case/carton sealing tape your shipping cases and packages remain securely sealed during shipment and storage. Examples:

• Tape for carrying multipacks comfortably => ease of use and confidence make it easier for consumers to purchase.
• Tape for easily opening packs of paper tissues => ease of use and improved hygiene.
• Tape for sealing shipping cases under special conditions => assurance, security, identification and confidence.

Do you want to add value to your packaging? We listen to your preferences and actively try to find suitable solutions. We can look into your production process and conditions, review your handling methods and recommend a specific and sometimes customized tape. A tape that increases stability and continuity of production. A tape that reduces rework. A tape to offer customers convenience and certainty.

Problem-solving tapes for professional and industrial users

Are you a professional or industrial user? Are you envisaging a faster, cleaner or more cost effective production or processing process? Would you like to improve, strengthen or protect your product or packaging? With the Yash Industries bopp tape manufacturer in pune self-adhesive range of tapes you will solve your problems or add value to your product or process. From resealabilty to ease of opening. From personal safety to product and surface protection. From production stability to savings on application time and improved cost efficiency.

Continuously aim for operational excellence

To excel in services, we aim at performing all our tape activities correctly in one go, efficiently and on time. From purchasing raw materials to delivering the ready product. After all, every step in the supply chain has an impact on the quality, delivery reliability and pricing of our tapes. Finding the right balance between the hard side (processes) and the soft side of our organization (people) is essential.