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Yashi Industries is a BOPP tape supplier in India. We provide customers with the best products at most reasonable prices. We are one of the most leading Manufacturer of printed BOPP tape, Adhesive tapes in India.

Our Services

We are a manufacturer and supplier of brown tape. We can fabricate the brown tape as per customer requirement at low cost. The brown tape is used for a wide range of applications including shipping, packaging and more.

We manufacture and supply a huge range of adhesive tapes. These can be used by both small and large businesses. Please contact us if you have a specific requirement or ask for quotation.

Our customized printed tapes deliver the exact messaging that you need to engage with your audience. Offering a wide range of sizes and types of printing, we’re able to get your form communicating exactly how you want it to.

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tape manufacturer and supplier in india

Yashi Industries is a leading tape manufacturer in India. We have been supplying industrial tapes, adhesive tapes, and packaging tapes since 2018. Our company offers an extensive range of adhesive tapes including heat shrinkable tape, self adhesive tape and more.

We also offer a wide range of packaging tapes that are used for sealing inks and other chemicals that are not water soluble. We offer a range of packaging tapes with different sizes and diameters so you can choose the right one for your requirements.

Our packaging tapes are available in various colors such as black, green, red, blue and white. They can be customized according to your requirements so you can get exactly what you want for your project or product.

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Common Faq

Yash Industries likely uses a variety of methods to distribute and supply their tapes all over India. These could include using a network of distributors and retailers, shipping directly to customers through online or offline sales channels, and possibly even using their own transportation vehicles or logistical partners to deliver the tapes to various locations. The specific method or combination of methods used may depend on various factors such as the type of tape being supplied, the quantity of tape being shipped, the distance and location of the delivery, and the preferences and needs of the customers.

  1. Yash Industries has a payment policy where clients are required to make a 50% payment in advance before their order is processed. 
  2. The remaining 50% of the payment is typically due at the time of delivery, once the order is completed and ready to be shipped to the client. This final payment is intended to cover any remaining costs associated with the order and to ensure that Yash Industries is fully compensated for.
  3.  It is common for businesses to request advance payments for larger or more complex orders, as this helps to mitigate the risk of nonpayment and allows us to secure the resources necessary to complete the work. However, the specific terms of payment will vary depending on the nature of the order and the needs of the client and the business. its work.

Yash Industries, a tape manufacturer, offers both online and offline payment options for their products. Online payment options may include the use of credit cards, debit cards, and online payment gateways.

Offline payment options may include the use of cash, checks, and bank transfers. It is important to contact Yash Industries directly to confirm the available payment options and to determine which option is most suitable for your needs.

There are several types of BOPP tape available, including clear BOPP tape, colored BOPP tape, printed BOPP tape, and reinforced BOPP tape. The type of tape chosen will depend on the specific application and the requirements of the project.

Yash Industries can ship and deliver BOPP tape to customers all over India using various methods such as road transportation, rail transportation, air transportation, or e-commerce fulfillment centers. The most suitable method will depend on factors such as the delivery time and cost requirements of the customer. It is important for Yash Industries to properly package the BOPP tape to ensure it arrives at its destination in good condition.

Yash Industries is a company that provides a range of bopp tape manufacturing services. BOPP tape, also known as biaxially oriented polypropylene tape, is a strong, transparent tape made from polypropylene film that is widely used for packaging and sealing purposes.

Some of the different types of bopp tape manufacturing services offered by Yash Industries may include:

  1. Customized bopp tape production: Yash Industries can produce bopp tape in a variety of sizes and specifications to meet the specific needs of its customers.

  2. Private label bopp tape production: Yash Industries can produce bopp tape with a customer’s own brand name and logo, allowing them to sell the tape under their own brand.

  3. Bopp tape printing: Yash Industries can print custom designs, logos, and text on bopp tape using advanced printing technology.

  4. Bopp tape slitting: Yash Industries can cut bopp tape into different widths and lengths to meet the specific requirements of its customers.

  5. Bopp tape converting: Yash Industries can convert bopp tape into different shapes and sizes, such as circles or squares, to meet the needs of its customers.

Overall, Yash Industries provides a range of bopp tape manufacturing services to help its customers meet their packaging and sealing needs.